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 Helps Improve Mood & Increase Calmness, Coping Ability and Clarity of Thought


My name is Noran Baumann and don’t let this wonderful family picture fool you. One in five families are dealing with some form of mental health issues and going through an indescribable amount of HELL, for lack of a better term, and most people don’t even know it. In fact, you may be one of them.

My story begins over 25 years ago when I married my high school sweetheart. She had already been married once before and had two kids but that didn’t matter, I was in love.

The first two or three years were great and then the lying, cheating and stealing to support a prescription drug addiction began. After ten more years of dealing with and trying to understand my wife’s Bipolar diagnosis we called it quits. No one knows how difficult of a journey that was for me.

Fast forward to December 14th 2002 when I took another chance on a woman who’d been married five times and had four children, each with a different father. A red flag I know, but what can I say, I was in love.

The first two or three years were great!  I even got to experience the joy of becoming a father for the first time in my life. But as it does sometimes, things in life took a turn for the worse. At the age of two my son Logan was diagnosed with Autism and in third grade my wife’s daughter was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and ODD or oppositional defiant disorder. Not a pleasant combination to say the least.

As the years passed and the children grew older, life, including my marriage, became more difficult. I’ll spare you the intimate details. Suffice it to say that during our marriage counseling my wife received a diagnosis of  ADD/ADHD and PTSD as she had been molested as a child and was a victim of an attempted rape as a teenager. While this explained a lot, it was far from a solution to the problems.

During my research of ADD/ADHD and while looking for a solution that would help, I learned that often times, due to the stress, frustration, hurt and subsequent anger  from dealing with these kinds of emotional issues, (in my case times that by three) that the person without the diagnosis can in fact sometimes appear more emotionally unstable and can be mistaken for the one with the underlying problem. This was certainly the case with me.

Every day “normal” life is tough enough, like raising a family and working to pay the bills. Add to that the stress and frustration of dealing with all of the above and I eventually became a person I did not know anymore or like anymore for that matter. In fact I hated who I had become. My anger and frustration levels had reached an all-time high and I knew I needed to do something quick!

Then one day while searching the internet for a natural solution or natural alternative to medications that might not only help me but help the other members of my family as well, I came across the amazing story of Tony Stephan and the Q96 supplement and I got really excited….


The Tony Stephan Story…


The Amazing Story Of a Desperate Father’s Quest to Save His Children Leads To The Development Of EMPowerplus Q96!



The story  of EmpowerPlus™ Q96 began with a father’s desperate desire to save his children. Anthony Stephan’s wife, Debora, suffered with bipolar disorder for half her life and committed suicide in January of 1994 just 2 weeks after starting a prescription of antidepressants.

Debbie’s father had done the same sixteen years earlier. A year later, two of Anthony’s children were diagnosed with Bipolar I, the most severe form of the illness. Both had been given a variety of heavy psychotropic medications, but became progressively worse. Anthony feared he’d soon lose another loved one to the grip of bipolar affective disorder.


A father’s anguish


For a year after his wife’s death, Anthony searched medical journals, read books, and poured over everything he could find that might save his children, Autumn and Joe. When a specialist told him to give up and accept his children’s fate — that both would likely be ill, medicated, hospitalized, and possibly die young — Anthony started a new kind of search. He believed that if there was something that could save his kids, God would guide him in the right direction.


When he least expected it, his answer came


Anthony met David L. Hardy who was well-educated in biological sciences and had spent 20 years as an animal feed formulator. Hardy said the bipolar behavior of Anthony’s son, Joseph, sounded to him like a pig with ear-and-tail-biting syndrome. Hardy explained to him some farmers had successfully used a nutritional supplementation program to control the syndrome. Anthony knew he had his answer.


The nutritional approach


Using the pig feed supplementation idea, Anthony and David worked with scientists and manufacturers to formulate a human version of the regimen using human-grade supplements. Anthony’s children responded to the formula and were able to discontinue their medications.

As they recovered and began to resume healthy lives, word spread through the community. Anthony was happy to share his formula and soon hundreds of people were trying this early version of what is now EMPowerplus Q96™.



The success stories increase


Reports of success continued to pour in and Anthony knew there was more to do to bring this discovery to the world. In 1996, he formed a company in Canada called True Hope where he refined and produced the formula, a combination of 36 different vitamins, minerals and amino acids. He sought to bring the results to the attention of scientists who he hoped would research and validate this unorthodox approach. He realized he had stumbled on a clue that could lead to a new understanding of what causes mental illnesses and how to treat them.


Scientists take notice


Anthony systematically gathered information and data from new micronutrient treatment users and presented it to Dr. Bryan Kolb, a world-renowned neuropsychologist at the University of Lethbridge in southern Alberta. Intrigued, Dr. Kolb sent Anthony to see Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, a behavioral research scientist at the University of Calgary.


Although initially skeptical, Dr. Kaplan agreed to try the micronutrient approach in a preliminary trial. In order to facilitate the research, Anthony put all the necessary ingredients into one capsule that could be administered easily. He found a manufacturer who would produce the product to his exact specifications, and he called the product EMPowerplus™.


Research begins


Once the all-in-one micronutrient supplement was available, Kaplan and her colleagues put together preliminary open trials. These studies showed that micronutrients held significant promise as a treatment for mental illness, confirming the need for further research and grabbing the attention of researchers and specialists across North America.


Hope for the future


In January 2013 Tony Stephan of True Hope granted exclusive marketing rights of EMpowerplus (Q96) to a startup network marketing company in Pleasant Grove, Utah called Q Sciences. Q Sciences and Tony Stephan’s focus is to ensure Q96™ is available to all who suffer from mental health issues. We hope that, as scientists play their part and as governments consider the welfare of all of their citizens, natural therapies like Q96™ will be available through standard medical systems. Until then,


EMpowerplus Q96 is only available from Q Sciences independent business owners.


Wow! What an incredible story right? Are you as excited as I was when I first read this story and watched the video?  I was ready for my family to try the Q96 supplement immediately as it sounded like just what we needed but then I heard that little voice in my head say


“This Sounds a Little too Good to be True”!


So I decided to do as I had been taught to do in situations like this, that is to “Trust But Verify”! So please join with me as I share with you what I learned on my journey to verify Tony Stephan and EMPowerplus Q96.


 Verifying the Q96 Story…


It wasn’t very hard to verify the validity and credibility of Tony Stephan as his story of the EMPowerplus breakthrough has been all over the internet and the news for the last 18 years!



 I also found this 45 minute documentary of the EMpowerplus story that aired on the Discovery Health Channel years ago and this hour long presentation of Tony Stephan sharing his story. Both are pretty amazing and informational.


 Fox News Reports On EMPowerplus Q96 Supplements



Pretty cool right? If by now you’re already convinced like I was and you’re ready to try the EMPowerplus Q96 Mood Optimizer then go ahead and click the order button below and get started today! There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

 The recommended dosage for Q96® is 2 capsules at breakfast and again at dinner, however, therapeutic dosing for serious health conditions will be higher. Q96® is $59.95 for a bottle of 120 capsules, or you can join as a Member Customer on monthly auto-ship and pay just $49.95 or try a 7 day sample today!  

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 Verifying the Nutritional Approach….


The next thing I needed to verify was this nutritional approach to improved moods and brain function. Could a nutritional supplement really have such a profound effect on an individual’s moods, emotions and feelings of wellbeing?


This wasn’t entirely a new concept for me as my son’s doctor already had him on a regimen of about a dozen different vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, probiotics and fish oils and we had noticed some improvement in his overall health and behavior.

As I searched the internet I discovered there are thousands of articles written and studies done that show some supplements may improve moods and a deficiency in some vitamins may contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety. In fact, I discovered an entire theory that’s been studied for decades called The Nutrient Theory of Mental Illness….


The Nutrient Theory of Mental Illness


What causes mental illness?


Ask any psychiatrist or doctor what causes mental illness and they will tell you the same thing – no one knows exactly. There does appear to be a strong genetic factor in illnesses such as bipolar disorder, clinical depression and schizophrenia. Even though the gene location was recently discovered, the way the illnesses happen is still a mystery. Yet some intriguing possibilities are now coming to light.


Chemical imbalances in the brain


The most common explanation for mental disorders is a chemical imbalance in the brain, but how and why these imbalances happen is not yet known. Since a complex web of nutrients, such as zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, are the building blocks that the brain needs to make the right amounts of important chemicals such as neurotransmitters, it makes sense that a lack of these nutrients could cause the chemical imbalances of mental illness.


A genetic need for more nutrients


As early as the 1960s, Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes, speculated that some people have a genetically-based need for more vitamins and minerals than other people. He wondered if mental illness could be the result of failing to meet these extra requirements. Research is now showing that Dr. Pauling may have been right. Dr. Bruce Ames, at the University of California, Berkley, has shown that genetic mutations often result in an increased need for nutrients. He also found that taking extra amounts of these nutrients could correct the deficiencies. If a person with a genetic need for more nutrients does not get them or cannot absorb them, it makes sense that this person would, over time, become deficient.


Lack of nutrients affect brain growth factors


Brain growth factors are necessary for keeping the neuron branches healthy and connected, so that proper signals can be sent. Many nutrients have been shown to increase brain growth factor levels. A lack of these same nutrients leads to brain cell shrinkage and brain cell death. It’s not a stretch to imagine that this could play a significant role in mental illnesses.


Few people get the RDA of micronutrients in diet alone, and rarely do they get an ample amount. Studies and research conducted on EMPowerplus Q96 show that even those who may not think they are undernourished most likely are, and can benefit exponentially from a high-quality, bioavailable micronutrient supplement.


Nutrients that depend on each other


Numerous studies have been done on the relationship between single nutrients and mental health, but none have ever turned up a “miracle nutrient.” At Q sciences, we believe that a broad spectrum of deficiencies results in the symptoms of mood disorders, not a deficiency of one single nutrient. And since a deficiency in one nutrient has been shown to interfere with the absorption and/or metabolism of other nutrients, a chain reaction can result in multiple deficiencies.


This is the foundation of the EMPowerplus™ formulation. It provides a broad spectrum, highly absorbable range of nutrients that are essential to brain function, and it delivers them in a balance that allows inter-dependent nutrients to work together.


Wow! Who knew micronutrients were that important for improved moods and mental wellbeing? If you don’t watch another video on this website please make sure that you…


Watch This Video Now!


You won’t believe what you hear! In this critically important talk, clinical psychologist Julia Rucklidge explores a range of scientific research, including her own on the EMPowerplus Q96 supplement, showing the significant role played by nutrition in mental health or illness. What she says about medications and mental illness will definitely shock you like it did me! Who Knew?


The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health



 Pretty amazing right? If by now you’re already convinced like I was and you are ready to try the EMPowerplus Q96 Mood Optimizer then go ahead and click the order button below and get started today! There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

 The recommended dosage for Q96® is 2 capsules at breakfast and again at dinner, however, therapeutic dosing for serious health conditions will be higher. Q96® is $59.95 for a bottle of 120 capsules, or you can join as a Member Customer on monthly auto-ship and pay just $49.95 or try a 7 day sample today!


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So far Tony’s story has checked out and the profound effect that proper nutrition can have on mental illness has checked out so now it’s time to verify the claim that..




Verifying the Research….


The company claims that there is more independent research done on EMPowerplus Q96 than on any other nutritional supplement in history! While I wasn’t able to verify that fact specifically, that could take a lifetime of research on my part, I was able to confirm that as of today there has been 25 clinical trial studies done and ten more are awaiting publication.

Several of these studies are double blind placebo controlled studies, and have been published in a variety of medical journals. Watch the video below to learn more about the research from Tony Stephan.


The Research Behind EMPowerplus Q96



Wow! Sounds like some pretty big time Universities and Doctors have been involved with the research from around the world. The Q96 Supplement has been research in a variety of mental health issues but the one that caught my attention was this one on moods and behavior or as I like to call it, Anger & Frustration!

Kaplan, B.J., Crawford, S.G., Gardner, B., & Farrelly, G. (2002). Treatment of mood liability and explosive rage with minerals and vitamins: two case studies in children. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, 12(3), 203-218.

Results- A micronutrient supplement containing a broad range of dietary minerals and vitamins is being examined for the treatment of mood liability in both adults and children (Kaplan et al. 2001; Popper 2001). During pilot work, two medication-free boys with mood liability and explosive rage were studied in an open-‐label treatment followed by reversal and retreatment.

One child was an 8-year‐old with atypical obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the other was a 12-year‐old with pervasive developmental delay. Both boys were monitored using the mood and temper items from the Conners Parent Rating Scale, as well as the Child Behavior Checklist. In addition, the boy with atypical obsessive-compulsive disorder was monitored with the child version of the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale.

 Both boys benefited from the micronutrient supplement when examined in ABAB designs: mood, angry outbursts, and obsession symptoms improved when initially treated, returned when not taking the supplement, and remitted when the micronutrient supplement was reintroduced.

Both boys have been followed and are stable on the nutritional supplement for over 2 years. These cases suggest that mood liability and explosive rage can, in some cases, be managed with a mixture of biologically active minerals and vitamins, without using lithium or other traditional   psychopharmacologic agents.

This was exciting to me because it shows that my entire family could benefit from taking the EMPowerplus Q96 supplement. We were all angry and frustrated most of the time, all be it for different reasons. If you would like more information on some of the other areas of research you can…

 Click here to investigate the research further!


You are probably wondering by now just what is this EMPowerplus Q96 supplement that has doctors, researchers and scientists so excited all over the world? Let’s go there now.


Verifying the Q96 Supplement….


To put it simply EMPowerplus Q96 is a unique blend of 36 different vitamins, minerals and amino acids that was designed to be a MOOD OPTIMIZER!  As you will soon see though, there is nothing simple about it!


The following information comes directly from the company literature on Q96:


q96 box with capsules

EMPowerplus Q96 is the most researched micronutrient formula in the world and is unlike any other vitamin or mineral supplement on the market, due to its proprietary formulation and technology. Specifically formulated to provide essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system, EMPowerplus Q96 boosts mood stability, mental clarity, and overall brain health in children and adults. Research continues to show that the mind and body thrive when given the nutrients they need.

EMPowerplus Q96 delivers a balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in a safe yet effective dose for both children and adults. The power of the formula comes from using only the highest quality nutrients, the correct dosage of individual ingredients, and the precise combinations of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that interact to enhance potency and effectiveness.

The use of cutting-edge nano-chelation & micronization technology dramatically increases the bioavailability of micronutrients for maximum uptake in the brain.

EMPowerplus Q96 Mood Optimizer is an all-natural proprietary formula that provides essential nutritional support to the brain and central nervous system for optimal mood stability and brain function.

Supports mood stability, improved cognition and overall brain health.

Contains a well balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids specially formulated for the brain and central nervous system.

Unique 96-hour micronization  and nano-chelation process increase bioavailability for maximum nutrient uptake to the brain.

Wow, Sounds like there is nothing simple about it. The Q96 supplement is produced using  state-of –the –art science and technology called QX technology. The actual process to produce Q96 takes 96 hours!! Hence the name EMPowerplus Q96!


This is not your everyday, One-a-Day Vitamin



If by now you’re already convinced like I was and you’re ready to try the EMPowerplus Q96 Mood Optimizer then go ahead and click the order button below and get started today! There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

The recommended dosage for Q96® is 2 capsules at breakfast and again at dinner, however, therapeutic dosing for serious health conditions will be higher. Q96® is $59.95 for a bottle of 120 capsules, or you can join as a Member Customer on monthly auto-ship and pay just $49.95 or try a 7 day sample today! 


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Verifying the Product Claim…….


As you can guess, from a product that garners this much research and media attention, there is something quite special about Q96. It is one of the few nutritional supplements on the market today that can legally make a claim as to what it does. That product claim is…


“EMPowerplus Q96 supports and enhances memory, concentration, positive mood, coping ability, clarity of thought, and calmness.”


Like most products that are legally able to make a product claim EMpowerplus Q96 and True Hope had to go through vigorous research, testing and even the Supreme Court in Canada to be able to make the above claim.

After word spread that thousands were taking the Q96 supplement and feeling well Health Canada, which is like the FDA in the US, tried vigorously to shut down True Hope and take the product off the market. The court battle went all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court where True Hope and The EMPowerplus supplement won. Below is the video of True Hope’s lawyer talking about that court battle and what happened.


Health Canada vs. The Q96 Supplement



  If you would like to learn more about this epic court case and what it means as far as product credibility and safety you can watch a more detailed discussion by Tony Stephan here.


I was totally blown away when I first watched these videos and learned that EMPowerplus Q96 had already passed the scrutiny of Health Canada and the Canadian Supreme court with the help of Harvard Doctor and Bipolar expert Dr. Charles Popper.

The story of how he became acquainted with and approved the use of the Q96 supplement in his medical practice is quite interesting. I recommend anyone thinking of using Q96 to read his story first and even share it with your personal physician.

In my research of EMPowerplus Q96 I learned that EMPowerplus has been used and recommended by over 5,000 doctors and mental health professionals around the world.  While it would once again be impossible for me to verify that number I was able to find several very prominent doctors who highly recommend the Q96 Supplement.


Verifying the Doctor’s Opinions of Q96…


In addition to Dr. Bonnie Kaplin, Dr. Julia Rutlidge, Dr. Charles Popper and the other doctors already mentioned above I discovered three more very prominent doctors that recommend and use Q96.

The first is Dr. Stephen Kimberley, former senior editor at WebMD and Chief Science Officer at Q Sciences. Dr. Kimberley is a physician and naturopath with 30 years of expertise in creating innovative nutritional formulas. He states the following about the Q96 supplement.


”Q96 has a profound effect on the mental state of anyone who takes them. “

” Anyone who takes it is going to benefit and benefit significantly.”

” I’ve been taking Q96 and there is no doubt this is the real deal, it really works! ”


Dr. Kimberley’s Overview of Q Sciences Products




Click here and read Dr. Kimberley’s News Letter about the EMPowerplus Q96 Supplement and how it works.


Next is Dr. William Moshofsky, Chief Medical Officer at Q Sciences and former Chief of Staff at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Oregon.  He is an expert in assessing product safety and effectiveness. He states the following:


 “I am very proud to be part of such a forward thinking company, and happier that I am able to take these products myself.”


Dr. Moshofsky Discusses EMPowerplus Q96



The last doctor that I want to mention is Dr. Carol Banyas, M.D. ,PhD. Dr. Banyas uses EMPowerplus Q96 micronutrient supplements on her patients and discusses how much better her patients do on the EMPowerplus compared to those taking psychotropic medications.

She is speaking to a group of heath care professionals at the Micronutrients For Mental Health Conference in San Francisco 2009.


Dr. Carol Banyas M.D. , Ph.D. - EMPowerplus vs. Anti-Depressants


* The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented on this site is not a substitution for professional healthcare advice. Always consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner for questions or guidance on medical problems and conditions.


One thing you need to know is that if you or your loved one taking the Q96 is currently taking any antidepressant or psychotropic medications the Q96 supplement will intensify that medications potency so they will need to be reduced over time.

This can be accomplished with the help of your doctor or many individuals use a personal coach from These are professionals with over 18 years of experience helping people safely transition off their medications and onto the Q96 supplement.

If by now you’re already convinced like I was and you’re ready to try the EMPowerplus Q96 Mood Optimizer then go ahead and click the order button below and get started today! There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

The recommended dosage for Q96® is 2 capsules at breakfast and again at dinner, however, therapeutic dosing for serious health conditions will be higher. Q96® is $59.95 for a bottle of 120 capsules, or you can join as a Member Customer on monthly auto-ship and pay just $49.95 or try a 7 day sample today!


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Verifying Product Safety…


I’m so glad that Dr. Moshofsky mentioned the safety of Q96 in his video above as that was on my list of important things to verify. My son was only 8 at the time and I didn’t want to give him anything that may harm him or even prescription medications as most have negative side effects to deal with.

I was very surprised to learn that EMPowerplus Q96 was safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. In fact there are a lot of women who take the Q96 as their prenatal vitamins and continue using them while breast feeding. I understand that there is less likelihood of these women experiencing post partum depression and that the babies are born very healthy.  Watch this video and see for yourself.


 EMPowerplus Q96 Is Safe For Children & Adults.



Like any other supplements, it’s still a good idea to  check with your doctor first before using Q96 if you are pregnant or nursing and the doctors at Q Sciences recommend waiting to give infants Q96 until they are about 18 months and eating solid foods.

Here is the dosing guide for children and adults.

The recommended dosage for adults is two capsules or tablets twice per day with food.

For children, the recommended dosage varies by age.

  • For children under two years old, the recommended dosage is, on average, the equivalent of one capsule per day.
  • For children ages 2-3, the recommended dosage is, on average, the equivalent of two capsules per day.
  • For children ages 3-5, the recommended dosage is, on average, the equivalent of three capsules per day.
  • For children five years and above, the recommended dosage is, on average, the equivalent of four capsules per day.


I’m sure by now that you are as impressed with the Q96 supplement as I was. Everything seemed to check out. The story is true, the research is valid, the product is safe and recommended by doctors all over the world and the testimonials are amazing and life changing.

To me it seemed like I had found the answer to my prayers, however there was just one more thing I needed to check out and that was the company marketing the Q96 supplement. Who are Q Sciences?


Verifying The Q96 Company….


Knowing that he couldn’t reach global distribution of EMpowerplus through his company True Hope alone, Tony Stephan, in the winter of 2012 granted exclusive marketing rights to and partnered with Q Sciences to take the new EMPowerplus Q96 supplement to the world via direct sales or network marketing.

Q Sciences is a Quintessential Bioscience Company that combines science, the latest technology and lifestyle to bring an exponential impact on the quality of your life.

Q Sciences began with the founding principle that if they did the right things for the right reasons, they could create a GREAT Company – a company that could truly make a difference in improving Quality of Life for people throughout the world.


Q Sciences is The Science of Happiness



I must admit that when I first viewed this video I got just as excited or more excited than I did about  Q96. The more I learn about this amazing company, their other high quality science-backed products and the amazing business opportunity available with Q Sciences the more truly impressed and excited I become.


EMPowerplus™ Q96 Named Most Innovative Product By DSMA of Utah


Would you believe that in less than two years Q Sciences has received the esteemed accolade from the Direct Selling Management Association of Utah for having EMPowerplus™ Q96 as the Most Innovative Product in the direct sales industry?

If by now you’re already convinced like I was and you’re ready to try the EMPowerplus Q96 Mood Optimizer then go ahead and click the order button below and get started today! There is a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

The recommended dosage for Q96® is 2 capsules at breakfast and again at dinner, however, therapeutic dosing for serious health conditions will be higher. Q96® is $59.95 for a bottle of 120 capsules, or you can join as a Member Customer on monthly auto-ship and pay just $49.95 or try a 7 day sample today!


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Verifying The Results………


Over the last 18 years there have been over 100,000 individuals who have experienced life changing results with the Q96 Supplement. I’m happy to announce that my son and I are now 2 of those 100,000 people.


After doing my due diligence and learning all I could about EMPowerplus Q96 and Q Sciences I came to the conclusion that trying Q96 was a no brainer for us. It was safe, recommended by doctors and the research showed that it would help in our areas of concern.

I noticed it starting to work within the first few weeks.  In fact, when I told a co-worker about it she asked me how long I had been on the supplement. When I told her just two weeks she exclaimed, “Well, that explains it”.  Of course I was puzzled. She then said, “You seem to have been much more upbeat and happier these last few weeks.” I really didn’t think anyone had noticed so I was surprised.

I really did feel like my burdens were lifting and I would be able to get through everything ok. I felt less stressed and seemed to be in a more positive mood more often. I felt the anger and frustration leaving and I am truly amazed at how at peace I am with things now.

I wished I could say that Q96 saved my marriage but it didn’t. My wife and step daughter are in denial and had no interest in trying something they felt they did not need. (I’m sure many of you have experienced this too with family members). So today I am a single parent to a nine year old boy with Autism and I’M DOING GREAT!!

Not only am I happy with who I am now, my son is doing awesome too. The Q96 has helped him just as the research showed it would. He is way less frustrated, transitions well, is happier and more verbal. He rarely melts down anymore and if he does they aren’t near as severe nor do they last very long. He seems to have more eye contact and is way more engaging with me where before he just wanted to be alone all the time.


I was able to get rid of the dozen or so supplements the doctor had him on and now I just give him the Q96 supplements and the Q Biotic probiotic mixed in his favorite foods. He doesn’t even know he’s getting it. For those times when were away and I can’t mix anything into his meal I give him the amazing spray vitamins from Q Sciences and the Q sleep natural sleep aid has been an absolute God send for him as most kids with Autism have difficulty sleeping which greatly affects the parents as these kids need 24/7 supervision.

Life is good again and getting better every day. I encourage anyone reading this, who needs more calm, coping and clarity in their life to give the Q96 Supplement a try. I know you’ll be glad you did. These people are….


Life Changing Results With Q96



Click Here for more exciting Q96 Testimonials



3 Ways To Purchase The Q96 Supplement…


The last thing I want to address is the fact that EMpowerplus Q96 is not considered a treatment or a cure for anything and just like most prescription medications will need to be taken on a continuous basis. Therefore I would like to discuss all of your money saving options.  

Option one is to purchase at the full retail price with no attached perks. This is the most expensive option available.

Option two is to purchase as a preferred customer on a monthly auto shipment. With this option not only can you buy at the wholesale price you can also earn what are called AMOR points with every monthly auto shipment that can be saved up and used towards free products in the future. With this option you can cancel your auto shipments at any time.

Option three and the best overall option for most people is to do as I have done and spend $49.95 and join with Q Sciences as a distributor or an independent business owner (IBO) When you do this not only can you buy all of the Q Sciences products at wholesale and earn AMOR points on your monthly auto shipments for free products later, you can also take advantage of the special promotions that Q Sciences has for their IBO's like buy one get one half off or buy one get one free AND you can earn an extra income or build a full time business by sharing these amazing products with others. 


When you join with Q Sciences as an IBO you will get all of the marketing and training tools needed to build your business which includes your own personal company website along with a 7 day sample box of Q96 and free access to Micronutrient Support Services.(They normally charge $34.95 a month for their services. Most only need their help for several months)

Becoming an independent Business Owner (IBO) with Q Sciences is the best option for those who truly want to transform their physical, emotional and financial health.  It’s by far the best decision I have ever made!

I am available to help in any way I can. If you would like any additional information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me in the future. I would love to help you feel better and build a successful and rewarding business with Q Sciences in the process.


Thank you so much for visiting and learning more about the Q96 Supplement with me. I’ve enjoyed having you along for the ride.


I wish you the best and look forward to hearing from you.



To your health, wealth and happiness,


Noran Baumann

Q Sciences Independent Business Owner 13223



P.S. For those of you who read to the bottom, or scrolled to the bottom, to find out how to get Q96 for free please contact me with the words FREE Q96 in the subject line and I would be happy to explain how in an email.


* The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented on this site is not a substitution for professional healthcare advice. Always consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner for questions or guidance on medical problems and conditions.