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The Name


When the folks at Q Sciences envisioned starting a wellness company dedicated to improving quality of life, they were determined to offer the best: the best products in the world based on the most advanced science and technology, the most generous compensation plan, and an executive team whose professional training, expertise and experience were unsurpassed in the industry.


As they worked on choosing a company name that would embody these sentiments, the name Quintessential Biosciences came to mind.

Quintessential meaning the most perfect embodiment of something, and Biosciences meaning the science of living organisms.

Quintessential Biosciences pretty much sums up their hopes and dreams for all aspects of this company. But because they couldn’t spell it without having to consult spell checker, they thought it best to make it easier on all of us–hence Q Sciences for short.


The Vision


Quintessential Biosciences (Q Sciences) began with the founding principle that if we did the right things for the right reasons, we could create a GREAT Company – a company that could truly make a difference in improving Quality of Life for people throughout the world.


This principle guides all of the decisions made at Q Sciences.

Doing the right things for the right reasons meant bringing together an executive team and medical advisory staff made up of people who not only have impressive educations, training and professional experience, but who care deeply about helping others.

It means choosing products backed by overwhelming scientific research that have the ability to dramatically change lives for the better.

Doing the right things for the right reasons has meant working with the best consultants to design a compensation plan that provides an income opportunity that is unmatched in the industry and it means conducting business with honor and integrity, accountable for our commitments, and being in all things and in all ways completely trustworthy to our IBOs, our customers, and those we associate with.


Q Sciences can and will be GREAT if each of us involved, from the CEO to the newest IBO, is committed to continually doing the right things for the right reasons, with the intent to truly make a difference to improve Quality of Life for others.


We can do it by improving health and wellness with our products. We can do it by improving incomes and opportunities through our compensation plan. And we can–and will–do it by building an organizational culture committed to caring.


The Management


Marc Wilson


Founder and Executive Managing Director


Marc WilsonMarc Wilson has a 30-year track record of business success. He has proven management expertise in several key areas, including operations, finance, and strategic planning. Marc has personally founded and managed several companies, most notably Wilson Pacific Partners, a real estate development and investment firm; Wilson Management Services, a commercial property management and brokerage company; and the private equity firm MERIT Venture Partners.


A skilled negotiator and leader, Marc has developed Seattle, Washington area real estate with a combined market value of over $125 million, and has directly overseen and managed over $100 million of private investment. Marc formerly served as Vice President of Finance for a venture capital-backed technology startup, and is a sought-after strategy consultant.


Marc holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Brigham Young University and an Executive MBA from the University of Washington. While at Brigham Young University, Marc was the school’s first consensus All-American quarterback and was selected by the NCAA for a post-graduate scholarship as one of the top 5 scholar athletes in the nation. In 1980, Marc was a first-round NFL draft pick to the Oakland Raiders. His NFL career spanned ten years and included two Super Bowl Championship seasons. In 1996, Marc was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
Marc Wilson Story



Daren Hogge


Founder, President and CEO


Daren HogeIn his 25 years in the network marketing industry, Daren Hogge has built a reputation as a dynamic leader with the ability to turn vision into reality. He began his career as a C.P.A. for Arthur Andersen LLP, where he served as a financial consultant to one of the founding companies in the network marketing industry. It wasn’t long before the head of that company invited Daren to join the executive team as Director of International Finance. Daren went on to become President. Under his leadership, the company opened new international markets and more than tripled its distributor force.


In Daren’s subsequent executive roles for three additional network marketing companies, he consistently oversaw skyrocketing sales and international growth.


As current President of the Direct Sales Association of Utah, Daren is one of the most respected executives in the industry. He came out of retirement to join Q Sciences because he truly believes the products must be shared.


Daren Hogge Story



Stephen Kimberley, M.D.


Chief Science Officer


Dr. Steven Kimberley1Dr. Kimberley’s passion for creating innovative herbal and nutraceutical formulations stems from 30 years of experience as an internal medicine specialist in integrative and alternative medicine.
For the past 13 years, Dr. Kimberley has served as Senior Editor for WebMD, the leading source of medical information on the web. In that time, he has developed over 50 diagnostic and health management tools and shared his extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and their powerful effect on wellness.


Dr. Kimberley received a graduate degree in neurochemistry and biology from the University of Oregon, a medical degree from the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, and completed his residency in internal medicine at UCLA’s Kern Medical Center.


Dr. Stephen Kimberley Story



William Moshofsky, M.D.


Chief Medical Officer


dr. moshofskyDr. Moshofsky has 30 years of medical experience as a family practice physician. He is the former Chief of Staff of PeaceHealth’s RiverBend and University District hospitals in Oregon, where he oversaw a combined medical staff of over 800 physicians. As the current chair of PeaceHealth Sacred Heart’s Medical Staff Quality Assurance Committee, Dr. Moshofsky is entrusted with evaluating and implementing patient safety measures. He is passionate about encouraging patients to make lifestyle choices to improve their health and eliminate the need for excess medication.


Dr. Moshofsky received his medical degree from the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center and completed his residency at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Contra Costa, California.
Dr. Bill Moshofsky


Q Sciences’ management team, science and medical advisory boards and founding IBOs are comprised of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.


Their talent and passion for improving health and happiness has enabled them to develop innovative, cutting-edge formulas and create proprietary technology that is second to none. Q Sciences is quickly becoming the leader in the nutritional supplement industry and is paving the way in direct sales.

The People

What people Are Saying About Q Sciences and the Q Sciences business opportunity.

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It looks like I wasn’t the only one who got excited the first time I heard about Q Sciences. I hope you’re as excited as I was. Fuel the excitement and visit qsciences.com today!

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