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QSciences flagship product Q96® is the most researched and published micro nutrient in history being proven in Science, in Court and in Practice. Q96® has been around over 15+ years under the True Hope label Empowerplus and has been used by over 100,000 people in over 100 countries who have witnessed amazing life-changing results.  Below is just a small sample of the many, truely amazing stories of people who have achieved tremendous results through using Q96. Many of them have been able to get off their prescription medications completely.

Disclaimer: Comments and testimonies expressed herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. Q Sciences does not claim to treat or cure any diseases. Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information from this page.


As someone who suffered from several clinically diagnosed conditions, I was skeptical about a holistic product that would provide a greater benefit than the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) class of medications that I had taken over a 15 year period. I had recently started taking a supplement with an HTP-precursor through my holistic health practitioner. Although somewhat effective, I still needed to take an extraordinarily high dosage of this costly product to replicate the SSRI effect. Additionally, I continued to feel a noticeable level of emotional and physiological sensitivity and would experience moderate difficulty focusing on tasks.

After incidentally being introduced to the Q Sciences product line and its proprietary chelation formula, I decided to try a bottle and “check if off my list”. Although I felt moderately pessimistic about experiencing any additional benefit, I wanted to be sure that I was trying everything I could to address my chronic health dilemma. To my surprise, I felt a dramatic difference after consuming the Q96 proprietary formula after only 3-4 days.

At both work and home my mood stabilized and I began to feel more resilient while managing daily issues that would have easily made me overwhelmed. I am now free of SSRIs and their side effects and have not experienced such sustained mood stability in recent memory. Moreover, I had no idea that proper nutritional support, versus a pharmaceutical company’s drug, could be my key to a higher quality of life. I am very thankful to Q Sciences and their Q96 product!  Josh – Washington D.C. area



“We decided to try it and it worked.” ~ Dr. Miles Simmons Psychiatrist Brunswick, Maine

“I am bipolar and have been taking Q96 EMPowerplus and nothing else for over four years now. I have not had any episodes at all during that time and no side effects. I feel like I have my life back.” ~ M.F.

“I have an extensive background in mental health, with graduate degrees from Harvard and U.C. Berkeley. I spent 25 years as a clinical social worker and never saw any results with bipolar clients like the results I have had from Q96 EMPowerplus.” ~ P. Silveman Oregon, USA




I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and deteriorating taking psychiatric meds – seroquel and epival. I was delusional all the time, living in low income housing for the mentally ill and before that was homeless at a Salvation Army Shelter. I tried so many different psychiatrists and every type of pscyh med you can imagine.

My friend, who had bipolar I, was also on government disability income and she was the first to try the Truehope supplement when her brother found it online. She fully recovered and was back working full time as a teacher and lost a lot of weight. She went on to become a nutritionist after that because it changed her life. I didn’t believe it until i saw her life change from being on disability and hospitalized for mania every year.

I went on the supplement with the help of my psychiatrist, Dr. Patrick Doyle, who runs a men’s clinic in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario , Canada. The truehope company contacted him and they worked together to wean me off all medications over months. Every three months i got better until all symptoms were zero. I had no more delusions, rage, depression, anxiety. I wasn’t hallucinating anymore. I got my energy back because i wasn’t drugged up anymore and i started to volunteer because i hadn’t had a job my whole life before that and i eventually got a job because i volunteered so much at a school. I went on to become a teacher and my whole life turned around.

It was difficult to wean off the meds but i did exactly what the company told me to do – no sugar, no caffeine. I had problems sleeping at first because my brain was used to depending on the seroquel for years. I was awake at night but not going manic. I was going through medication withdrawal and had mood swings during that period, but after 6 months I was free from mental illness. I mean completely free. It isn’t a drug. It is real healing of the brain and if you think that can be done in one month or two months, it doesn’t work like that. You have to endure coming off the meds and you have to put up with some mood swings to get healthy to transition off the meds and get on the truehope. My psychiatrist saw me do a complete turn around and then after about 8 months he told me that I didn’t need him anymore. I’ve been medication free and haven’t seen a psychiatrist or been hospitalized since taking the Truehope supplement for 10 years now and my friend has been off meds and psychiatrist free for 12 years now with NO RELAPSES.

It works but you have to do what it takes to repair your gut health. CAFFEINE AND SUGAR prevent absorption of nutrients. You can find that information anywhere online. Mental illness is not a problem with your brain. It is a metabolic and absorption issue. When you feed your body properly by giving your body and brain what it needs, your brain automatically produces the right chemicals and it fixes the chemical imbalance.

The (Q Sciences) Truehope supplement is a gun shot method of orthomolecular medicine and that is how Margot Kidder, the famous actress, recovered from her Bipolar disorder. Go check it out online.

It works and it saved my life and I thank God for helping me discover this supplement because I wasted my twenties on disability and I don’t want other people to do the same. Elizabeth Ward




“Those who know me notice right away that I have regained my peace of mind, I have more serenity, and more control over how I view and how I feel about things. I no longer feel compelled to seek refuge from emotional difficulties by using alcohol and medical marijuana. I am no longer dependent on these things. I am awake, aware, mentally alert and definitely thankful to each person who has had a hand in the many years of development of Q96, to those whose testimonies I have viewed on YouTube, and to Donna Rau for having her website in the right place at the right time!” ~ Jason D. Kozdra


My Daughter and Granddaughter’s journey with Autism and Q 96

I wanted to share my experience with Q96 since we started my daughter on this vitamin/mineral supplement at the age of 2.

Our daughter Piper was always an eager child. She came in to the world earlier than expected weighing only 3lbs 10oz. Her delivery was nothing short of traumatic, as a doctor call…ed an emergency Caesarean which by the time they rushed me to the surgical theatre and opened me up, Pipers head and shoulder had already passed through my cervix. Given that I was already opened at the stomach, they had to push her all the way back up and deliver her through my abdomen. This very small bundle of joy was black and blue due to the pressure of someone’s hand pushing her back up. And the blood vessels in both her eyes had been busted and were bright red.

My husband and I were always worried that something may have happened due to the trauma of her delivery however, she started hitting her milestones like trying to talk, crawling, walking, and certain motor-skills. From a doctors perspective at her 12 month check up Piper was developing fine. She had even started to copy a bit. I noticed from 12 months to 24 months Piper hadn’t hit any more milestones and it was as if she had started to regress. She was no longer talking, it seemed she was constantly ignoring me when I would speak to her, she walked on her tiptoes, played alone, didn’t interact with other children, was only interested in toys that made noise, or objects like sticks and balls, she started to have extreme tantrums in any park or new place we’d take her to. We found ourselves becoming prisoners of our own home for fear she would hurt herself during a tantrum when in public.

At her 2nd birthday I met some of my other friends who also had 2 year old children and realised that Piper was very far behind in her motor skills, her speech, her interaction etc. At this point I went to find an answer and read about Autism. Many people (even doctors) told us that children develop differently and that I shouldn’t be so concerned. However, as a mother, I think our instinct knows when something isn’t right. I took Piper to a specialist and he observed her for 2 hours and the conclusion was that he believed Piper to be on the Autistic Spectrum, he also pointed out the most hurtful thing which was that Piper didn’t make genuine eye contact with me, that she only looked through me. Then demonstrated with another 2 year old how Piper should be looking at me. I was devastated that my intuition was correct, and because I didn’t know much about Autism I was scared for her. My father had been working with QSciences as he’s always been passionate about minerals and vitamins and has always believe that with proper nutrients the body has the ability to repair itself. My dad started sending me bottles of Q96 to try with Piper. We started with 1 capsule in the morning (mixed in yogurt) and another capsule at lunch time (mixed in yogurt or chocolate pudding) we didn’t really notice much improvement until about the 6 week mark when we had raised her to 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (both mixed in a yogurt substance)

We are now about 3 months in to using Q96 and here are some of the amazing results we’ve seen.

Piper’s toe walking has reduced. Her tantrums have drastically reduced She grabs my face to look me in the eye She is affectionate and kisses and hugs us She will request things instead of screaming Textures like Grass and Sand don’t bother her any more She is more tolerant of different sounds and noises that used to send her out of control (ie: baby crying) She doesn’t get frustrated as much since she’s more able to express herself She is interacting with other children. Joining them when they play – even trying to talk to them In unfamiliar places her anxiety seems to be much better.

We even enjoyed the park together the other weekend. Something we’ve never been able to do MOST EXCITING of it all is that Piper is starting to speak! We hear her beautiful voice trying to say words. Just to hear “Mama or Dada” will brighten your heart

This morning was the first time we’ve seen her point and read a picture book on her own.

During our phase of trialing Q96 I was a skeptic. I think my husband and I both were and I thought that perhaps everything we were experiencing she was doing on her own and it had nothing to do with the supplement. So, without telling anyone I stopped giving it to Piper for 7 days to see what would happen. After the 3rd day her tantrums increased and she became very difficult to control when she would have her episodes. Our Nanny said “Gosh, I don’t know what is wrong with Piper this week she has been so difficult and unsettled” I said to her “I haven’t had Piper on that Q96 for about a week” She said “PUT HER BACK ON NOW! Oh my gosh! This stuff really is working” Since then we’ve made sure that Piper hasn’t missed a dose and people in the autism community where we live are wondering what therapy we’re doing with her. When I tell them it’s mainly a supplement to feed her brain with the necessary nutrients it needs they are shocked!!! Q96 hasn’t only helped our family – its saving my daughter so she can lead a normal functioning life.

If anyone would like to reach out to me directly please do – I’m a Q96 Believer. (I’m even taking the woman’s pack to help with stress and coping with anxiety – also been amazing)

PS: This may not seem like much to many people but seeing her change and learn or do something new every day is amazing because she didn’t change for over a year or learn anything new.

Especially for a little girl we were told would probably never verbally communicate with us.

Kind Regards,  Erika Harvey


This is just a small sample of the testimonials of 1000’s of people who haave been able to get off their prescription medications with Empowerplus Q96 and live a more “normal” life. Imagine for a moment what it would be like for you to experience these same life changing results…a life without the fear, anger and frustration, able to finally relax and enjoy life. And above all, FINALLY being able to CARE about something. Don’t let anything rob you or a loved one of the happiness and joy you deserve in life. Click on the button below and order these life changing supplements  today!

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